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For more than fifty years everything from ALGI based in Eltville Germany has revolved around hydraulic elevators. For decades ALGI has built its reputation as a reliable partner and supplier to the worldwide elevator market which has guaranteed our future with developing technology and ecological awareness.

ALGI the leading manufacturer and supplier of complete lift systems and components manufacture electronic, mechanical and energy efficient valve blocks, single and multi-stage telescopic cylinders, car frames, cabins, safety catches for passengers and cargo elevators.

Our Eco spin drive technology VVVF energy efficient frequency-controlled valve blocks offer huge advantages in energy savings, noise reduction comfort and reliability.

As the leading manufacturer and supplier of hydraulic lift components, ALGI offers high quality precision equipment and cutting-edge technology. The production which is carried out in our factories comprises of manufacturing of single and multi-stage synchronized cylinders, electronic and mechanical controlled valve blocks.


Power Units

For its drive solutions, ALGI offers valves in mechanical, controlled and frequency-controlled design. All of the power units are offered with a pump capacity from 25 l/min to 800 l/min and are used on passenger and cargo lifts for the most diverse requirements. Multiple power unit solutions can also be offered for larger flows.

ALGI have been looking to the future of hydraulic power units and have focused and developed the energy saving frequency controlled (VVVF) power unit (eco spin). This unit offers huge advantages in energy savings, energy requirements, noise reduction, comfort and travel accuracy.

Download brochure: Power unit with controlled valve

Download brochure: Power unit with frequency-controlled valve (VVVF) 

Download brochure: MRL power unit 


ECO Spin Upgrade (retaining existing controller)

ALGI have developed a complete electrical and hydraulic solution which allows an existing hydraulic lift to be upgraded to a VVVF system whilst retaining the existing control panel and associated wiring. This solution can offer savings of up to 59% in energy running cost, reduce the noise by up to 36% and best of all decrease the temperature of the oil by up to 54%. This in turn will significantly increase the life expectancy of the hydraulic system and reduce the long-term expenditure.

Download brochure: ECO SPIN MOD



For more than fifty years, ALGI has been producing cylinders for hydraulic lift systems. Cylinders are available in a one-stage and a multi-stage design. The piston rods are machined in the honing process and are characterised by their consistent quality, robustness and long service life.

Download brochure: Single stage cylinder

Download brochure: Multi stage telescopic cylinder


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