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As leaders of hydraulic lift repairs and modernisations within the UK we strive to build, develop and maintain excellent relationships with our partner and suppliers.

ALGI: Partners of GF Lift Hydraulics

ALGI are proud to offer reliable high-quality precision equipment, designed and manufactured in Germany to the lift industry. For over 80 years worldwide ALGI have manufactured and supplied complete hydraulic elevator systems and components. With their cutting edge technology ALGI are able to deliver modern equipment for the modern age of hydraulics.

As the leading manufacturer and supplier of hydraulic lift components, ALGI offers high quality precision equipment and cutting-edge technology. The production which is carried out in our factories comprises of manufacturing of single and multi-stage synchronized cylinders, electronic and mechanical controlled valve blocks.

As the official UK partners of ALGI, GF Lift Hydraulic can now offer complete specialised engineering support to the lift industry on ALGI equipment and carry out all ALGI installations nationwide.

Download brochure: Power unit with controlled valve

Download brochure: Power unit with frequency-controlled valve (VVVF) 

Download brochure: ECO SPIN MOD

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Hydroware are a company that design, manufactures and sells high-tech drive and control systems for hydraulic lifts. Based in Alvesta, Sweden the company started with less than 20 employee's, to date they now have over 100 employees with offices in the UK, Germany, Italy and sales worldwide.

Hydroware have developed an open protocol system that can be modified to suit any make or model of hydraulic lift system. They offer their unique package called the 'Hydroelite' it is an integrated control and drive system specifically designed for hydraulic elevators. This unique modernisation controller and power unit package comes complete with all shaft wiring, shaft switches and position encoder with the option of pushes, indicators and auto dial depending on the customer requirements. 

The Hydroelite is the only system with a single A3 certificate that covers both the controller and power unit due to being designed and manufactured by the same company.

Download brochure: Hydroelite Veni

Download brochure: Hydroelite Vidi

Download brochure: A3 Certificate 


Please visit Hydroware's website if you would like to read more about their products.


Omar Lift is an Italian company based in Milan that specialise in making lift components for domestic, industrial and commercial applications. Omar offer a HM mechanical power unit in combination with the NL valve range to suit various passenger applications with flow range from 55l/m to 600l/m and from a 4.8kW to a 58.8kW motor. The Omar NL valve range operates up to 45bar and have the option of A3 to be added. Omar also offer a single cylinder or multi stage cylinder ranges all built to order to suit the lift application. 

Omar have recently launched onto the market there new HEVOS HE electronic valve which has the added benefit of self-learning and will compensate for load and temperature conditions ensuring a consistent ride.

GF Lifts are a proud UK based agent for Omar Lifts and offer technical support and a wide range of spare parts to our UK customers.

Please click here to visit their website for information on the services and products they have to offer.