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Minor Repair Works

GF Lift Hydraulics have the knowledge and expertise to carry out a wide range of repair works on your hydraulic lift. All repair works are completed with the highest standard of engineering, all the while ensuring excellent customer service by one of our skilled repair advisors from initial enquiry right through to the completion report. 

Prices for the works listed below are included in our Repairs Price Guide 2020.

Any hydraulic related repair works not listed below please do not hesitate to contact us.

Site Attendance

Survey - To attend site to carry out a visual survey on the lift to gather further details and technical data required to complete a quotation is free of charge. This does not include diagnosis of lift faults or dismantling of lift components.

Investigation - To attend site and carry out an investigation on a pre-determined fault. Where possible we will look to rectify the issue, subject to parts availability. If we are unable to cure the fault whilst on site a report will be issued on our findings along with a quotation for any remedial work.

Ram Seal Replacement

Works include supply and install replacement ram seal(s), inspection of cylinder rod(s) over their entire length and removal of any surface score marks. To clean the pit area of any accumulated hydraulic oil. Our ram seals are guaranteed for 12 months.

In order to add value to our customers we offer the option of supporting the lift car using guide grabbers rather than incurring the cost of a lifting beam test. On applications where no lifting beam is present, this guide grabber solution provides a vital safe method of working. Alongside this GF Lift Hydraulics have developed a bespoke designed guide grabber for the safe removal of the ram diverter and ropes, eliminating the risk associated with lifting heavier items mid shaft.

Valve Overhaul

Works include dismantling the existing valve unit and changing all relevant oil seals. To replace parts as required depending on the level of service requested and valve type. To re-assemble the valve unit, check for internal and external leaks and set up the valve to obtain the optimum ride characteristics.

Valve Changes/Upgrades

Works include removal of the existing valve and install either a like for like or an upgraded valve unit including all hydraulic fittings, internal hosing and associated equipment allowing the new equipment to connect with the existing tank, pump and main hose. The valve will be set up to give the best ride characteristics possible. It is also best practice when carrying out a valve replacement to replace the hydraulic oil. 

Hydraulic Oil Changes

We supply LG46 oil specially blended with viscosity improvers specifically for lift applications. Works include removal of the existing hydraulic oil from the tank unit, which we dispose of at an authorised disposal site. To clean out the tank unit and replenish with new LG46 hydraulic oil. On completion, we will issue a waste consignment note. We also offer an environmentally friendly option of long life and biodegradable oil.

In addition to the above we also offer the option of a system flush to remove contaminates such as water or debris from within the hydraulic system. 

At GF Lift Hydraulics we are committed to doing as much as we can to reduce waste and the impact we have on our environment. As part of our continued commitment we are pleased to offer our Ex Box hydraulic oil to customers who share the same ethics and values. With the outer box being made from reusable and recyclable cardboard, it is only the inner reinforced containment bag that is disposed of, drastically cutting waste.

Pump and Motor Replacement

Works include pumping out the hydraulic oil from the power unit, removing the pump and motor and cleaning out any debris found. Install the new pump and motor and replenish tank with LG46 hydraulic oil. We strongly recommend new oil is used and motor contactors are replaced when upgrading the motor. This solution offers a much faster 1-day turn around compared to a motor rewind which can take up to a week.

Motor Rewinds

Works include removal of hydraulic oil from the tank, removal of the existing motor which will be taken to an engineering workshop to be re-wound. Once the motor is repaired, we re-attend site to install the motor and replenish the tank with LG46 hydraulic oil. We strongly recommend that the hydraulic oil and motor contactors are replaced as part of these works to prevent re-occurrence of the motor failure.

Hose Replacement

We offer bespoke 2 and 4 wire hoses complete with isolating stauff clamps, all hydraulic fittings and dowty's. All our hoses are pressure tested, individually marked and supplied with a test certificate. Our 2 wire hoses are pressure tested to 250 bar and our 4 wire hoses are tested to 500 bar.

Oil Coolers

We offer an air blast oil cooler which can be either positioned within the motor room or remotely for improved ventilation. Each cooler is complete with cooler radiator and fan, cooler pump, cooler control unit, oil thermostat, hydraulic hoses and all associated wiring. All oil coolers are tailor made to suit the individual lift application.

Pipe Rupture Valves

Our works include supply and install a dampened single or twin rupture valve to suit hydraulic the system pressure, flow and location. We will then carry out a pipe rupture valve test for correct operation and issue test certificate.

A3 Gate Lock Valves

The A3 Gate Lock Valve is designed as a back-up should the main valve unit develop a large leak it is effectively an electronic check valve. This device prevents uncontrolled movement of the lift car while passengers are entering and exiting at floor level. The Gate Lock Valve can be retrofitted to almost any make and model of hydraulic lift.


Replacement of worn chains with either an exact replacement, or an alternative type, which could provide an increase in life expectancy or a reduction in cost. Existing chains can also be measured to ensure they have not stretched more than 2% or to ascertain if they are near the end of their serviceable life.

In the addition to the above, we offer a re-rope service for hydraulic installation including new ropes, clips and ends depending on requirements. Upon completion, rope certificates will be issued.

Borehole Camera Inspections

Using the latest CCTV technology, we can visually inspect borehole cylinders in situ and report on our findings along with evidence on a memory card. Subject to site conditions.

Supplementary / SaFed Testing

We carry out all types of hydraulic SaFed and supplementary testing and provide test certificates on completion. We also offer individual cylinder pressure testing or system pressure tests along with Part 10 testing and BS8486 to complement our modernisation works.

Power Unit Accessories

We offer the following accessories which can be either replaced or added to any existing power unit; hand pump, pressure gauge, tank heater, high and low pressure switches, A3 valve, visual oil site gauges, manual lowering and ball valve.

Diverter Re-bush

We are able to offer a turnkey solution by removing the worn or damaged diverters and taking it to our machine workshop to be re-skimmed and re-bushed before returning to site and reinstalling.